10 Cheap and Easy DIY Gift İdeas

10 Cheap and Easy DIY Gift İdeas 8

10 Cheap and Easy DIY Gift İdeas 8

10 Cheap and Easy DIY Gift İdeas

Do you need a gift ? of course you can buy it but a Diy (do it yourself) gift is everytime better Because it will your handmade. These ideas are so easy, you need just a little bit time to do it. Use your dream world and create great Diy gifts. We are sharing today 10 Cheap and Easy DIY Gift ideas with you.

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Shelf Table

This idea is perfect if you are all about creating space in the office. Instead of using an office desk and a shelf separately, you can easily install a shelf that has a surface wide and big enough to be used as a table as well. This idea promotes tidiness, because you can choose to use the shelf to keep your files or belongings, instead of placing them on the desk.

Basket and Plastic folders

You can store small objects that are easy to lose or misplace in the plastic folder for safe keeping. You will need to label the plastic folders so to know exactly what they contain. The plastic folders will then be kept in a basket. This is both creative and tidy.

Wall desk and drawers

Another way of creating space in the office is by installing a flat surface, to be used as a table, and drawers to the wall. This will mean that instead of adding a whole cabinet to the room, you can easily use the drawers that are installed to the wall.

Shelf Holders

This idea involved installing a rack under a shelf strong enough to have stationary holders placed on it. You can lay the stationary holders on the rack. The holders can be of any color and shape.

Cabinet and Containers

Containers enable you to keep a number of things in a cabinet. They help create space in the cabinet. You can label the containers as well, so to easily find what you need. Containers help keep things closed up and in one place. It  is also neat.

Drop Containers

These containers can be of any size, shape and color. They will need to be attached to the wall firmly so that they can hold in a number of things and so that they are safe to use. Labeling the containers is also a good idea because you will be able to find what you need easily. This idea is creative and easy to do!

Hooks on Racks

This idea involves attaching hooks to a rack, then the rack to the wall. It could be a wall close to your office desk. You can hook up note papers, stationary holders, or some other objects such as scissors, on the rack. You can decide to hang objects that are colorful, so to add a little more color to the office.

Hanging Clipboards

This is quite a creative idea and is also easy to do. All you need to do is stick clip boards to the wall. On the clip boards, you can decide to put notices, or even become artistic with it and place beautiful images for all to see.

Cabinet on Table

This idea helps create space on the floor of the office. It also creates easy access to what you will be keeping in the cabinet. You can also decide to keep other objects in a basket container under the table so to create space elsewhere in the office.

Creative Shelf Idea

This idea is quite unique. It is a shelf, that has a hook rack and a table surface attached to it. This means it is hanging on the wall, creating space on the floor. On this Shelf, you can place the objects that work hand in hand. For example, on the shelf, rims of paper, on the hook rack, stationary and on the table surface, a photocopier.

Step Shelves

These shelves are designed to have the one end of the shelves smaller than the other. For example, the top shelf will be small, and on it small objects will be placed, and the bottom shelf will be the biggest, for bigger objects. This is shelves ill bring a creative look to your office,

Recycled Holders

This idea involves recycling, and recycling is cheaper in this scenario. You can make stationary holders from some already used containers. This will be easy to do and will make your office tidy at the same tie environmentally friendly.


Clips can be used for various things in the office. This idea will involve lips being used as cable holders. Cables can easily get tangled. So you can keep them untangled by using clips as shown in the image.

Notice Board

This is quite an easy and tidy way of keeping your notices or appointments in order. This is a simple idea, and it will help you keep important time in the office.

Simple Book Shelves

Book shelves do not have to be bulky. A simply shelf like shown in the image is a creative way of keeping your books or files. It is simple and tidy!

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