15 DIY Outdoor Decorations for Valentine’s Day

1. Simple Lettering

1. Simple Lettering

15 DIY Outdoor Decorations for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to putting up some decorations for valentine’s day, I am absolutely up for it! I enjoy changing the way a place looks with some interesting decorations. With all the colors and material, I feel right at home! This Valentine’s day, you could try out some of these amazing decorations for the outside. Let everyone know just how much you enjoy and love Valentine’s Day by putting up some of these decorations. They are absolutely creative and fun to make. With these decorations, you will be allowing others to see your incredible work of art!

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  • 2. Chalkboard Mugs

Jar of Notes

It would be best to use a glass jar for this gift. You can decide to use different colored jars, depending on your boyfriend’s favorite color. In the jars, you are to put in some short notes. For the notes, you can write sweet and lovely short messages for him. Any type of paper can be used for the notes, just as long as you can fit a lot of them in the jar. The jar does not have to be wrapped up; you can simply add a ribbon or a little something creative to the outside.

Chalkboard Mugs

You can never go wrong with giving a mug as a gift, especially if you know that your boyfriend enjoys a good cup of coffee, tea, or even soup. For these chalkboard mugs, you can add a mug sleeve that can be written on by chalk. On the sleeve, you can write anything you think he will enjoy with a piece of chalk.

Beers of Love

This gift involves using ordinary beer really. If your boyfriend enjoys drinking beer, then you are to give these to him. On the beer bottle, you can stick some creatively written notes. You can add some decorations to the notes and use different colors to make them so that the beer bottles will look outstanding.

Simple Blanket

For this gift, you will need to use an ordinary blanket. On the blanket, you can add some prints of some of his favorite things, for example, his favorite sport, TV show or even novels. You can use some fabric paint to print onto the blanket.

Whisky Gift Basket

I absolutely love this gift basket! This is best given to someone who absolutely enjoys himself some whisky. Buy some bottles of your boyfriend’s favorite whiskey and place the bottles in a basket that you can decorate in a simple way.

Balloon Chandelier DIY

This is quite a simple gift. All you need to do is use some helium filled balloons. You can choose to make the balloons his favorite color. On the balloons, attach some string. On the other end of the strings, you can attach some of your favorite photographs of him. Let the balloons loose in a closed room so to insure that they will not float further than the ceiling.

Valentine Color  theme Romance

This involves decorating your room with some Valentine’s Day colors such as red and white. You can use red balloons and also throw around the room some beautiful red and white rose petals. This will definitely look romantic.

Candy Board of Love

This board is quite artistic and creative. It involves writing you Valentine’s Day message for your boyfriend with both a marker and some candy. Well, you will be using the words on the candy bar wrappers, but, the candy will be an added bonus. Go crazy with the words and create your own masterpiece for his gift.

Pop-up Photo Box

I believe that simplicity goes a long way. So, this gift is basically a small box, with some pictures in it. Make sure that the box is quite creative and also big enough to fit the pictures that you wish to place in it. The pictures can be either some of your favorite images of him alone, or your favorite pictures where both you and him are present.

Mixtapes and Photographs

This idea is also one of my absolute favorites. It involves placing some photographs that have your boyfriend in it and some CDs, in a CD case. You are to place a picture on one side of the CD case, and on the opposite side, you can put a CD, that contains a song, or songs that remind you of him based on the photograph you put the other side. This is super cute!

Snack Bouquet for Valentine’s Gift

If you are sure that your boyfriend does not like flowers, you can give him this bouquet instead. It basically involves wrapping together some of his favorite snacks together to make a lovely and yummy bouquet. He definitely will appreciate and acknowledge the fact that this is quite unique and creative.

Letters to my Love

These are the ultimate romantic letters! They are a perfect gift, especially if your boyfriend is far from you. This gift consists of a bunch of letters addressed to your boyfriend and to be opened on different occasions. If you and your boyfriend are apart, he might need these letters whenever he is facing difficult situations or simply is missing you.

Sweet and Cheesy Board

You are to make sure that this board is written on with a really sweet and cheesy message for your boyfriend. You can place or hang it somewhere where he surely will see it often during the day. This will make his appreciate your message more than once on Valentine’s Day.

12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights

This gift will last your boyfriend the whole year. It involves making some date coupons. There must be 12 coupons, one for each month. Your boyfriend will be able to pick a coupon of the month and decide when exactly you two will have that particular date.

Simple Helium Balloon

These balloons are heart shaped, in the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s Day. These heart shaped balloons have some cute and lovely words or phrases printed on them. So, you fill the balloons up with some helium, attach some string to them and simply hand them over to your boyfriend.

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