15 DIY Outdoor Decorations for Valentine’s Day

3. Sweethearts Cutouts

3. Sweethearts Cutouts

15 DIY Outdoor Decorations for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to putting up some decorations for valentine’s day, I am absolutely up for it! I enjoy changing the way a place looks with some interesting decorations. With all the colors and material, I feel right at home! This Valentine’s day, you could try out some of these amazing decorations for the outside. Let everyone know just how much you enjoy and love Valentine’s Day by putting up some of these decorations. They are absolutely creative and fun to make. With these decorations, you will be allowing others to see your incredible work of art!

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Now that Christmas is knocking, you should probably start to think of what to do, collect Christmas décor ideas and buy the materials. Well, people tend to ignore the whole idea of redecorating their homes because they are afraid of costs. Yes, decors can be really expensive sometimes, the prices shooting up to the roof and leaving our wallets victimized. Some think of doing their own decors but again, they think it will consume them a lot of time. And others are insecure of their skills.

Well, I am here to tell you that decors can be classy, easily crafted and less time consuming at the same time. I have collected 15 easiest and cheapest projects. Scroll down and pick your favorite. Rock your holiday season with new looks just like that.

Reclaimed Wooden Fire

If you wanna go for a vintage theme, here is one you can think of. Since Christmas is always in winter, a little warmth will do. This is real art. Get three wooden bars and cut them into three different heights, pin the flamed shape on top and tie everything with a rope and a bow at the middle.

Easy Snow Lanterns

I am talking about real snow here. If you can go out there and build a snowman, you can do this too. Make mini balls and build them up like pillars, leaving your lamp! Battery ones will do better. Decorate your driveway and have fun doing it. Don’t forget to wear gloves though because you won’t enjoy holiday in bed.

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Candle Jars for Christmas Decor

Create your imaginary fairytale forest where the beauty meets the beast. Use stickers, jar and the paint. Then add your tea lights and light up the village. Display this cozy décor on the tables or corners.

Tree & The Truck Decor

If you work with cars or truck companies, this one here is for you. It is a beautiful miniature and a perfect handcrafted gift for your nephew.

Christmas Glitter Jars

Here is the simplest one of all. It can be achieved in 30 minutes. Collect your empty jars from the kitchen and recycle. Paint the tree shapes from the base of the jar going up to 3 quarters. Add the glitters and let it dry. Brush off the excess and you are good to go.

DIY Holiday Sign

Your wall needs to be spiced up. Play with different paints and letters. Red for Christmas; blue for everyday winter decor. You just have to bring out those old windows from the store They can be useful once again.

Glowing Snowman Wreath

Can you see already, how cute your front door will be spiced up? Yes, it deserves such cute things. You can use wires, Christmas lights, flowers and a hat. Let your guests feel cared for and welcomed.

Terra Cotta Pot Snowman

Here is a project that I can see you and your daughter doing it with so much fun. Explore your creativity and hers with these customized snowmen made out of the pots. Give each of them an attitude you desire.

Two in One Christmas Decor

If you are struggling with space, you can afford a Christmas tree and a huge snowman this time around. The lights are great accessories for our snowman.

Santa Cup Cakes

Have you played a puzzle game before? Well, use the same imagination for this. Surprise your family with your creative skills served on the tray. It is a perfect desserts and a huge statement.

Pringles’ Tin Storage

This is a décor and storage at the same time. You can hang the tin on the Christmas tree or decide to put candies and goodies in it for the party you are planning to host. You can play “find the treasure” game and I bet it will take them an hour to figure this one.

DIY Christmas Fireplace

I know, I know… fireplaces are super expensive in shops. But what if I tell you a simple box can create you one. Keep warm with this ideal fireplace décor and bring a difference to your house.

DIY Clay Pot Snowman

Paint the pots in white then add the eyes, mouth and the buttons all the way down to the jars. It is an interesting décor for kids as long as you add those candies in the jar.

Snowman Lights

If you have a good stock of lights and have no idea how to use them, go with this. Let the snowman help you to shovel the snow from your house. Let it snow, he has got your back.

Pumpkin Snowman

Pumpkins and not only used in autumn season or Halloween parties. You can paint them white and have a snowman in winter. Paint they face, add a scarf on his neck, buttons on his ideal shirt, a hat and hands from thin dry tree branches.

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