15 Easiest & Cheapest Christmas Decor

13.DIY Clay Pot Snowman

13.DIY Clay Pot Snowman

15 Easiest & Cheapest Christmas Decor

We all like to decorate in holidays. Fine, maybe not all but at least we all enjoy looking at the decors. There is a good feeling when walking into a house or restaurant that is warmly and creatively decorated, it just makes your eyes wonder and subconsciously accompanies your conversations. It makes you feel special and changes the atmosphere. Decorations are a miracle.

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Revamp your air vents

Air vents tend to leave ugly looking spaces in the walls, why not redecorate and get a custom made air vent with a pretty pattern.

Hide your tv cables

Tv cables make places look messy even when they arent, use a PVC rod to hide all the wires and put some order back into your life and home.

Store staples as curtain tiebacks

Warehouse store staples and great, they are big and coppery and can be used to tie back your curtains it looks great and adds a touch of old school.

Stencils on windows

Stencils on windows look great and the play of light when the sun is out will reflect on the wall.

Outdoor lettered planter

This DIY trick is beautiful if you would like to dedicate a space in your backyard to someone. You can pick the letter of their name and get creative.

Golden table edges

These gold brass corners will add a touch of class to your IKEA coffee table.

DIY stone countertops

This DIY trick is a favorite, all you need to do to make your kitchen look glamourize is a little stone coloured spray paint. Marble finish here we come!

Pretty stencil over air vents

If you need to cover up your air vents and don’t want to replace the cover completely cover it with a stencil that complements it.

Spray painting sofa legs

Sofa legs tend to look a bit odd against the fabric colour. Take matters into your own hands and spray paint the legs

Adding mirrors to closet doors

Mirros make anything look expensive, add it to your closet doors for a more modern style.

Add curtains in your bathroom

Curtains in your bathroom can make it look bigger than it is and fancy

Window boxes with flowers

Window boxes make your home look welcoming, fancy and can add value to your home. Plant beautiful vibrant colours as well.

Marble stick on table finish

DIY tricks have caught up with technology. Stick your marble wall paper to the counter top.

Beautiful shelf brackets

Make these shelf brackets for your shop so your displays stand out more.

Frames as wall décor

Add frames to your wall before repainting to have a unique look and pattern.

Paint your floors vinyl

Get creative and make your own vinyl floor using paint.

Faux garage door windows

Faux garage windows make your home look lovely, more expensive and mysteriously cool.

DIY home spa

Add teak to your shower floor to make it look like a spa.

Paint your ceiling

Paint your ceiling a unique colour and have your home look gorgeous.

Add two curtains in your shower

Add two shower curtains instead of one to make it look bigger and stylish

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