15 Easiest & Cheapest Christmas Decor

3.Christmas Candle Jars

3.Christmas Candle Jars By shabbyartboutique

15 Easiest & Cheapest Christmas Decor

We all like to decorate in holidays. Fine, maybe not all but at least we all enjoy looking at the decors. There is a good feeling when walking into a house or restaurant that is warmly and creatively decorated, it just makes your eyes wonder and subconsciously accompanies your conversations. It makes you feel special and changes the atmosphere. Decorations are a miracle.

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1.For those who love the outdoors and want to give their bedroom the same feel to it, this headboard is for you. It gives a nice rustic look to the room, old barn wood or pallet wood can be used to make this project.

2.Twine is a cheap material to buy and for those who want to give their cabinet door handles this rustic look then this one is for you. You only need glue twine for this.

3.Old Pallets are generally cheap to come by and they make really great DIY projects. For example this pallet shelve is so easy to make and maintains a good look.

4.You can never go wrong with this rustic bench, using old pallet wood or any material you might want to, a great piece for the entryway.

5.With wood you could make these nice rustic wooden frames for your home for very little, they look amazing.

6.Another wooden pallet project. You can create this wall rack and mount it onto a wall to create a nice rustic wine rack.

7.Rustic décor has never been easier, with just some rope you can turn your picture frame into a nice accessory for the home, a great and easy project.

8.Another great rustic idea, this lamp has been made to look brand new by simply using rope. The rope makes for an amazing base(just make sure you remember to keep applying the glue as you go .

9.For those of us with tools you can make this in the workshop. When complete this makes for a great and durable rustic table which would cost you much less than the normal.

10.Transform a normal picture frame into a nice rustic one by using these method, small stacks of wood make for a great rustic project when used.

11.Here is another idea with picture frames, you can have this rustic piece anywhere in the home, it makes for a great gift too for a loved one.

12.This one needs a little more work put into it but the stone kitchen island is amazing, a long lasting and durable kitchen island which brings a nice outdoor look to your kitchen.

13.If you want people to walk into the room and be in awe then this is the backsplach for you. Wood pieces put together in this fashion works for absolutely anything, a great project!

14.This beautiful clock is made from a nice piece of wood with a great vanish and finish. The clock sets can be bought at any home improvement store and this amazing clock can be used anywhere in the home.

15.This is a good idea for a bathroom or a nice warm night of candlelit dinners. Simply take the twigs from outside your home and glue them to a cup or container(a small mason jar could work too) and you have this amazing piece.

16.This wooden mail sorter is what a nice rustic piece should look like. It can be easily made and hung at any place of convenience for you, a great piece.

17.The outdoor lovers that live in the city can always give their home a rustic look with this beautiful wall, it brings out the cabin look and looks amazing .

18.The entryway is always a problem and a cluster, this bench could help you resolve some of those issues. Made of nice and strong material its  durable and looks great.

19.The porch bench can also be made from wood and given a nice finish, a great idea for the porch

20.You can make you own fireplace mantel with this simple tutorial and have your fireplace area looking really great.

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