15 Easiest & Cheapest Christmas Decor

5.Christmas Glitter Jars

5.Christmas Glitter Jars

15 Easiest & Cheapest Christmas Decor

We all like to decorate in holidays. Fine, maybe not all but at least we all enjoy looking at the decors. There is a good feeling when walking into a house or restaurant that is warmly and creatively decorated, it just makes your eyes wonder and subconsciously accompanies your conversations. It makes you feel special and changes the atmosphere. Decorations are a miracle.

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DIY Countertop Makeover

Are you on a tight budget but want that countertop to be re-done? This is perfect for you. There will not be any reason for you to remove the whole countertop, buy a new one and install. All there is to it is some painting really! Get yourself some paint, in the colors that you want and paint that countertop. The results are just the same as getting an entirely new countertop.

DIY Kitchen Island

A kitchen Island holds quite a number of drawers or cabinets. This is because the island provides easy access to some of the objects in your kitchen. Whether it is easy access to pots, spices or easy access to the rubbish bin. This means it will be easy to throw away those unwanted parts when cutting veggies.

DIY Vent Hood

The unique pattern on this vent hood will make your kitchen look quite creative. Make sure that you paint the vent with a color that matches with the rest of the colors in your kitchen. If there are bright colors in the kitchen, then a dark vent hood would be perfect and for a dark colored kitchen, a bright colored vent hood is perfect.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

When your kitchen cabinets are being painted, make sure that their color matches well with the kitchen countertops. And another great idea when painting your kitchen cabinets is to make sure that the handles for the cabinet doors or drawers is a different color from that of the cabinet or drawer.

DIY Kitchen Island Cart

There is nothing better than having your kitchen island as a cart. Because it will be a cart, you move it from one place to another depending on where you want it. Make sure to place on the cart the objects or utensils that you are going to need the most in different places of your kitchen, so that you can easily move them around.

DIY Industrial Pendant Light

A simple way to change your kitchen is by adding unique lights. You can place these lights just about anywhere in your kitchen. You can place them over the sink the kitchen island, or even over the stove. You really cannot get it wrong with these pendant lights.

DIY Kitchen Painting

There would be great change in your kitchen with simple paint. By painting the whole of your kitchen, you will have given your kitchen the ultimate makeover. The secret with painting your entire kitchen is to use friendly colors or simple colors. You also need to make sure that the colors that you choose match perfectly with each other. You can use colors such as cream and brown or white and black.  Painting your kitchen would be better than the use of wall paper.

Kitchen Island Transformation

Simple transformations to the furniture in your kitchen can make all the difference. For example, you can turn your old cabinet into a new and improved kitchen island. This can easily be done by adding a bit more of surface to the top of the cabinet and by painting the cabinet with a color that will add on to newness of the kitchen island.

DIY Dining Corner

If you have a joined kitchen and dining room, then this idea is perfect for you. It allows you to turn your dining room into a comfortable and cozy sitting area. This DIY involves making a corner bench that is connected to the wall. On the bench, you can add some cushions so that it becomes more comfortable. Changing the dining room side like this, will definitely make the kitchen side look different and new as well.

DIY Vintage Kitchen Island

Adding a bit of vintage to your kitchen will absolutely make it look amazing. You can add this simple, yet gorgeous vintage kitchen island. The vintage piece will make your kitchen look classy and different. Such a simple change will give you great results.

Rolling Kitchen Island

For this idea, you can also use one of your old cabinets. You will basically be turning the cabinet into a kitchen island, with storage area that is suitable for the kitchen and for what you want to keep on the island. The unique part about this kitchen island is that you will be adding wheels to the bottom of the cabinet. This will allow you to be able to move the island around to where you want it to be.

Shelf Table

This is quite a creative idea. It involves using a bottom shelf as a table. If you have a wall in your kitchen that has shelves, you can use this idea. On the top shelves, you can decide to place decorations, spices or one of your kitchen utensils just as well. You can decide to make the bottom shelf wider so that it can serve as table. To make this casual, you can use stools for sitting, instead of chairs.

Glass Window Island

For more creativity for your kitchen islands, you can add glass windowed doors. This will add a feel of class to the island and at the same time provide ease of access to the content inside the island. One would be able to easily see what is in the kitchen island through the glass windowed doors.

White Concrete Countertops

This idea might be cheaper for you to do instead of buying new concrete countertops. The idea involves actually making the countertops on your own. You can buy the ingredients to make the concrete countertops strong and look as good as new. Then after you mix the content, pour it on your countertops and make sure it is smooth with no bumps. Then leave them to dry completely, before you use them. You will get to take pride in knowing that you made the countertops all on your own.

Antique Piano into Kitchen Island

Dare to be wild and different as you give your kitchen an absolutely amazing makeover.  Use unique objects so to give the kitchen a unique look in the process. For example, this idea involves using an antique piano and turning it into a stylish Kitchen Island. This is definitely something you will not see in every kitchen you get into.

DIY Color Theme Change

This is also a simple way of giving your kitchen a makeover. It basically involves re-painting your kitchen with a different color theme. This will absolutely make the whole kitchen look new and different, even though the furniture will be the same.

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