16 Creative and Rustic Garden DIYs

3. Wheel of Plants

3. Wheel of Plants

16 Creative and Rustic Garden DIYs

Usually, when one hears about the rustic theme of decorations, they automatically think only of indoor decorations. But, here, we have for you some awesome rustic theme ideas for you to try out for your garden. You will find different sorts of things that you can try out, whether it is ways of planting your plants in a rustic way or the rustic crafts that you can use for your garden. With the rustic theme DIYs that you will see today, you are usually to receive compliments from those who will get to see the beautiful rustic garden décor that you will use.

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Multi Layered Shelf Closet

This is such a brilliant way of keeping shoes in place. Because of the many shelves, you will be able to keep quite a large number of shoes in this closet. Lining your shoes on the floor would consume a lot of space, but with this DIY, you get to use less floor space, and still keep a lot of shoes. You can determine the size of the closet to be as you please, whether you want the closet to be a bit short, or all the way up to the ceiling.

Pullout Drawers

The amazing part about these drawers is that you can use them to store other things besides shoes. These drawers could be perfect for your bathroom. You can keep in them some electronics such as hair dryers, hair straighteners and curlers as well. You can also store in them some of the product you keep in your bathroom such as cleaning appliances for your bathroom and even medicine. These drawers are quite ideal if you have little bathroom space because they do not take up as much space when they are opened as ordinary drawers do.

Wall length Closet

This closet can be the same length as the wall in the room. It allows you to keep other things in the closet such as handbags and jewelry! This incredible closet gives your shoes and other things in it a glamourous look because of the glass doors. The glass doors make it easier to see what is inside the closet. This makes the content in the closet look expensive and absolutely beautiful! The glass doors also make it easier for you to look at the shoes to see which ones you want to wear without having to open the doors and search for the shoes.

Rotating Circular Shelves

Classy! That is the one word that comes to mind at the sight of these rotating circular shelves. Why? you might ask. Well, it’s quite easy to answer that. The reason why these shelves are classy is that it creates a look of simplicity. The shelves do not have a lot going on with them, thus they look simple and classy! With these shelves, you shoes will be the outstanding ones. You can also rotate the shelves so to be able to access shoes on the other side without much hustle. You can also choose how many shelves there should be.

Wooden circular Shelves

These shelves have divisions on them for your shoes. This means there is little possibility of mixing up your shoes because each pair has a specific part for itself. This makes it easier for you to pick the shoes that you want! These shelves are also quite efficient. They use up a really small space on the floor. So this DIY would be perfect for small rooms.

Sitting Stool Shelves

These shelves provide two in one services! You get to keep your shows in the bottom part, where shelves are present for your shoes. Then you can use the top as a sitting stool. You can place these shelves near your dresser. This means you can sit on the stool whilst you use your dresser. This is a very exciting DIY.  These shelves also help create space in a room. Instead of having a separate seat for the dresser and the shelves at a separate place, you can use the shelves as a stool thus cutting down on floor space.

Easy Fitting Shelves

As the name says, these shelves are easy fitting. The size of the shelves makes it easy for you to place them in small spaces. You can determine the size of the shelves so that they can fit into any small space you want to place them. You can fit the shelves between stairs and a wall. That small space can be utilized for these shelves. You can also place the shelves in a cabinet. This will enable you to keep more shoes in a cabinet than you originally could. Because of the shape of the shelves, you can easily rotate them so to be able to get access to shoes which are at the other side of the shelves.

Corner Shelves

These shelves are best placed in a corner. This is because of the shape of the shelves, which works best in a corner. Two pairs of shoes can be kept on a shelf. This helps to make your shoes look orderly and tidy. It also provides easy access to the shoes. You will be able to see which pair of shoes you want because the shelves are open and two pairs per shelf also make it easy to locate the shoes you want.

Square Shelves

This DIY is amazing because it automatically makes your shoes look tidy. The shelves are divided so that one pair of shoes goes into a specific division. The makes it easier on you to find the pair you want. You will be able to keep a specific number of pairs of shoes on the shelves. This creates that orderly look in the closet. These shelves can also be placed under your hangers in your closet. This helps create more space in the closet.

Pullout Drawer Shelves

This is a unique and absolutely amazing idea for how to keep your shoes. The shelves are places in pullout drawers. This means that you get to keep your shoes in closed drawers. This is quite a different look to many others. So if you want to be a bit different and unique, this is definitely for you!

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