19 Awesome and Creative Ideas for your Walls

13. Paint Dipped Leaves

13. Paint Dipped Leaves

19 Awesome and Creative Ideas for your Walls

Everybody has a streak of creativity in them. With these ideas, you get to let that creative side of yours come out and shine! It is important to do so every now and again. Instead of leaving the walls in your home plain and boring looking, you can mix it up a bit and go crazy with your creative side so to make the walls look better and artsy. You can try these 19 incredible and affordable ideas for some of your walls.

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Top Lift Coffee Table

Are you looking for a table that can be both, where you can drink your coffee and yet use it to maximize your storage? This is perfect idea for that. It goes well with rustic decor theme.

DIY Rustic Bookshelf

If you like to have a reading nook in your living room, this is not bad for an option. Collect those milk crates from your store and begin the project. It is very easy. Enjoy reading again!

Pallet End Table

Sofa end tables have been popular recently, they are quite useful and an additional detail in the living room. You can make one for your living room using the pallets.

Foot Rest From Old Drawers

I have always wondered how much a foot rest would cost from the store. My friend who is also a DIY-member made one for me using my old drawer. A week later, I saw its price at this one store I visited and I was surprised how expensive it was while I had my own at home close to costless. I was grateful that I didn’t buy in the first place.

DIY Rustic Table

Coffee tables are best when they are rustic rather than white, easy to get dirty. The room feels incomplete without a coffee table. This one here is made out of pallets and it complements the living room rustically and perfectly.

DIY Sofa Table

Sometimes you won’t feel like working in your library or bed room, you will just want to be in the living room, see your kids playing around, watch some TV programs with a cup of coffee; this will suit you.

DIY Convertible Table

This is multifunctional furniture which is a great idea to make your room appear bigger. It can be an open leg desk to add more space underneath and allow more light in. It is a good option for small living rooms.

DIY Wood Slab Coffee Table

A coffee table is essential, it is a centre of attraction in a living room and so it is has to stylish enough to catch an eye. This is simple and elegant. You don’t need a stock of wood, just a piece will do.

Coffee Table Ottoman

This is a magical transformation from a dull side coffee table to an adorable coffee table ottoman that your guests will feel so privileged and special to be served tea from it.

DIY Stony Coffee Table

You may consider this project if you are a farmhouse kind of person. It goes well with the theme. The stony feel is a result of the gray paint. However, you may paint it anyhow.

DIY Wooden Wall Shelf

To the plane and lonely walls, here is what you can think of to keep them busy. It is a great rustic decor. Display you favorite paint, photo or use the shelf to maximize your storage space.

DIY Table and A picture Frame

Do you have a small living room? Do not worry. Foldable projects are the way to go. Stretch those muscles and maintain a spacious room. Display you beautiful face on your wall and again use the frame as the table. Isn’t it a brilliant idea?

Sliding Door Cabinet

Here is a perfect plan to hide what needs to be hidden in a given time and reveal what needs to be revealed. It is tough to discipline your kids to finish their homework before watching cartoons but trust me, with this sliding door cabinet, it has simplified my work. I just lock the TV side and hide the keys.

Amazing Sofa Table

Sometimes a very little space remains behind the sofa and it is not to use it for anything so it stays empty. But let me tell you, it is completely useless, something purposeful can fill it. It allows you to plug your electronics easily and safer while saving a place where you can add little artistic decor on top.

Great DIY Pallet Project

Need a place to place your bags, books, shoes, miscellaneous and everything else, here is the answer. It is made out of pallet. You may leave it rustic or paint it.

DIY Smart Table

You don’t have to search for both, a nice coffee table and a storage container separately. They can be two in one and that way you cut down unnecessary mess in your living room.


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