19 Incredible DIYs for Old Furniture

18. Darlene's Solar Lamps

18. Darlene’s Solar Lamps

19 Incredible DIYs for Old Furniture

Most of us have old furniture lying around and we do not know what to do with it. Instead of leaving the furniture around while it consumes space, or instead of throwing it out, you can easily turn it up a notch and create a whole new furniture altogether! With little bit of hammering and bit of painting, you will have made an entirely new piece of furniture from the old. Here are some amazing and easy to do ideas for your to try out on those old pieces of furniture.

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Rope Knotted Heart

Making knots on ropes can be challenging. So, you want to make sure that you know exactly how to go about making the right knots that will make this heart. The effort that you will put to make this heart will definitely make the gift worthwhile. You can use some Valentine’s Day themed colors such as red, white and pink, to make this heart.

Photograph Lettering

This is one of my favorite gift ideas. It involves carving out and creating some letters from wooden boards. These letters can spell out a word that has special meaning to your girlfriend. On the letters, you can then stick some photographs of your girlfriend on her own, or of the both of you. To create more effect on the lettering, you can choose to use one color theme for the photos, for example, using only black and white pictures.

Wrap Gift for Girlfriend

This is not exactly the gift, but it is the wrap that will make the gift look even better. It is quite a simple gift wrap. You can make it from plain colored paper and sticking some red, white and pink hearts on the paper. Make sur to bend the hearts in half, then sticking only the bent corner to the paper. This will create a 3D effect.

Heart of Corks

For this, you will need to have a collection of wooden corks. You can get these from wine bottles. You will need to stick the corks together in the shape of a heart. Then, you will simply have to paint the heart with different shades of any valentine’s themed color. After the paint has dried up, you can then place the heart in a plain colored frame and hang it somewhere where your girl will definitely see it more than once on the day.

Box of Photographs

This is not your ordinary box. This box, you will have to make. In the inside sides of the box, stick some photographs of you and your girlfriend. In the center of the box, you can also place a beautiful red rose bud. Make sure that the outside of the box looks creative and inviting.

Word Grid Note

This word grid note could be electrical, or you can use some simple coloring to bring out the message. All you have to do is write your message for your girlfriend, then add random letters to make the grid. Then, you solve the word grid by highlighting the letters that make up your message. Your girlfriend will definitely enjoy this gift if she loved word grid or word games in general.

Surprise Valentine Gift for Girlfriend

This gift will probably get your girlfriend frustrated, but it will be worth it. This gift involves giving your girlfriend a gift that is only to be opened on a date further on than Valentine’s Day. This will have her waiting for a later date to open the gift. This gift idea is best if what she will be waiting for will be worth it.

Self-made  Lamp

For this, you will basically be making a lamp stand for the gift. You can make the stand with some pieces of dry wood or sticks. Make sure that the stand will be stable and strong enough to hold the lamp. You can paint the stand, or choose to leave it in its natural color.

Portrait Gift for Girlfriend

You do not have to be able to draw to make this gift. You can simply use a photograph of your girlfriend to make the gift.  Use some creative effects and color theme so to make the pho creative and artsy. You can then place it in a unique frame and give it to her. For this, the more detail that the frame has, the better.

DIY Rope Sign

For this, you will need a wooden board and some rope. You can choose to paint the board with one of her favorite colors or, leave it in the natural wooden color. Then, you are to use the rope to simply create a word. With the rope, you can write words that are associated with Valentine’s Day.

Sparkling Druzy Earrings

For this, you will need an earring making kit. For the jewel, you can use some clear liquid glue and some glitter. The glitter can be your girlfriend’s favorite color. Make sure that the glue and the glitters do not make a mess. If your girlfriend loved jewelry, she just might love these earrings.

Simple Rose Bush

To make this, you can use a dry branch which has other mini branches in it. Place this branch into a plant pot with some soil in it. Then, for the rose buds, you can use Manila paper. Make sure that the rose is whatever her favorite rose color is. You can stick the rose buds to the branch with some glue, and make sure that the rose buds will not fall easily. This will be her special and never dying rose bush.

Marble Mugs

The marble effect on the mugs is made from nail polish.  Pour some strong colored nail polish into a bowl or container with water. You can then add a lighter shade of the strong color you originally put into the container. You can also simply add some white nail polish if you do not have a lighter shade and then deep the mug into the liquid. Place it somewhere safe where it will dry up with no disturbances.

Etched Wooden Spoons

I love everything artsy. If your girlfriend also appreciates good works of art and cooking as well, then they will definitely love these wooden spoons. You can create some beautiful designs and tie the spoons with a ribbon and give as a gift. These can simply be hanged where ever she pleases.

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