Creative and Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend

8. Self-made Lamp

8. Self-made Lamp

Creative and Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend

For you all who have no clue where to start from when buying your girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift, here are some valid and well thought of ideas from a girl who knows. These ideas will surely have your girlfriend feeling extra special and loved this coming Valentine’s Day. These gift ideas are quite creative and unique. You can make most of these on your own, adding value to the gift because they would be made from love.

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Lets start having a tutorial around the basics, ways to develop a dry creek bed, by BHG

Fine Gardening also features a wonderful tutorial on creating a dry stream bed, but to have for the real directions, you have to visit web page 3 in their post. The first two pages has good information and facts though, so take a peek.

-Pink and Green Mama? did an entire backyard makeover, and they have a DIY dry river bed to cover a drainage issue? Read about how they did it! -My Weeds are very Sorry? features a great deal of excellent recommendations on stone placement, and just how much is adequate. (And what is too much!) Good help on acquiring an expert appear. Ok, now on to the inspiration. These don?t have tutorials, (you don?t need to have them now anyway, you got the basics above!) however they have fantastic concepts for us to.. ahem? steel. 🙂 This dry stream bed by Johnsen Landscapes & Pools was brought to us by ?Serenity in the Garden?.

Again from ?Serenity?, this is a dry stream bed in the backyard of Jan Johnsen? Love the black rocks! This was done in a small backyard for all of you who think you don?t have sufficient space.

Lastly, from ?Sharons Scrapbook?, this dry creek bed is a great example of lining the ?bank? with plants.


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