19 Incredible DIYs for Old Furniture

12. Wooden Spindle Bookshelf

12. Wooden Spindle Bookshelf

19 Incredible DIYs for Old Furniture

Most of us have old furniture lying around and we do not know what to do with it. Instead of leaving the furniture around while it consumes space, or instead of throwing it out, you can easily turn it up a notch and create a whole new furniture altogether! With little bit of hammering and bit of painting, you will have made an entirely new piece of furniture from the old. Here are some amazing and easy to do ideas for your to try out on those old pieces of furniture.

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Plastic spoon lightshade

The fun part about this lightshade is that, not only is it affordable and easy to make, it also gives your home an expensive look. All you need to make this lightshade is a plastic bottle that is big enough for your light bulb to go in, plastic spoons, and super glue. This lightshade will give your home a welcoming, yet elegant look!

Autumn themed flowers

Autumn is quite a beautiful season and with it comes beautifully colored leaves. As you rake those leaves up, remember that they can be used to beauty your home. With the leaves you can create flower shapes. By folding up the leaves in a circular pattern, you can end up with a flower like shape. You can place the flowers in a bowl for all to admire. The great part about this idea is that it will bring an amazing color and a natural feel into your home.

Flower patterns

This idea is great and also promotes recycling. It will give your home a simply, yet beautiful look. For this, you need a pair of scissors, glue, color (paint), a sheet of paper and finished roll of tissue or serviettes. Firstly you cut the roll up into circles. Then with the glue, you stick the cut circle together. The fun part about this is, is that you can stick them up to make any pattern or design you like! After you stick them up, you can choose to paint over the pattern, so to give your design an appealing color. Lastly, when it is all dried up, you can stick your pattern on a sheet of paper. You could even frame the paper with your pattern on it.

Recycled bulb plant pot

This plant pot is an easy to do task. All you need is a light bulb and pliers. You open up the light bulb with the use of the pliers. Easy as that! In the opened up bulb, you can put in some fresh water and the plant of your choice. This is a simply yet elegant way to decorate your home.This is perfect for you if love having nature indoors!

Storage Box

This idea is great not only for decorating your home, but also to help you keep order of your belongings.  All you have to do is to wind some rope around a box, so to cover the box completely. For the inside of the box, you can cover up with a piece of cloth. You can use this box in any part of your home, from keeping your folded towels in the bathroom, to using it as a toy box for your children.

Peg pot

The fun thing about Peg pots is that you can use it for a number of things. For example, you can use it as a flower pot or a candle holder. It is easy to make and all you need is a tin and enough pegs to go around the tin! This DIY promotes simplicity. It is perfect for you especially if you like keeping things simple.

Light bulb shade

This light shade is amazing! Not only is it easy to make, but, It also gives you home a nice vibe to it. This shade is perfect for the room you relax in. the patterns coming from it help create a relaxing and calming mood

Utensil holder

The incredible part about this holder is that it is made from tins. For this, you need tins and a piece of wood. You begin by painting the tins and the piece of wood into any color you like. Then you stick the tins to the piece of wood. This is a smart way of organizing your utensils. This can be used in different parts of the home, especially for your small utensils.

Hope you enjoyed!

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