19 Incredible DIYs for Old Furniture

17. Head Board Bench

17. Head Board Bench

19 Incredible DIYs for Old Furniture

Most of us have old furniture lying around and we do not know what to do with it. Instead of leaving the furniture around while it consumes space, or instead of throwing it out, you can easily turn it up a notch and create a whole new furniture altogether! With little bit of hammering and bit of painting, you will have made an entirely new piece of furniture from the old. Here are some amazing and easy to do ideas for your to try out on those old pieces of furniture.

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1.The trick to this amazing DIY is picking colors you love and patters from nature. Paint the entire canvas once color, place a plant or flower on it and spray paint a different color or maybe even various colors for this beautiful effect.

2.Use an old window to make a photo collage of all your favorite pictures. Leave the old wooden look in for a more classy look or repaint it to give you a fresh makeover.

3.Wall art is always great for any room, you can liven it up, make it fun or have a serious impact on the mood and feel of a place. Make this DIY using cardboards and pieces of material. If you have an artistic hand you could even draw something on your canvas or stick pieces of thread in a specific pattern.

4.If you love to bake but have no cake stand this idea is great for you, it takes simple things you already have in your house and turns it into something else that you do actually need. Make sure your glue is strong enough for the load!

5.These shelves are too cute not to have in your home, repaint the insides with a color of your choice, hang them up on the wall and reorganize your life one shelf at a time.

6.Floating shelves add a sense of maturity that other shelves can’t reach, the look sophisticated and help keep light frilly objects on display or even just picture frames or a small flower pot.

7.Empty bottles can make really beautiful vases, remove the labels, clean them up and begin using them in this cute way. You can also take it a step further by decorating the bottles themselves with glitter or spray paint before putting them on display.

8.If you have a few wooden pecks laying around, we all know how they tend to break and you just have one odd peg laying around. Make this coaster for your cups and teapots. It will save your table tops and it will look very cool and creative.

9.Homemade soap, if you want something a bit more natural that smells amazing and can actually clean your hands. Something that looks fancy and inexpensive. The best part it is cheap.

10.Hand warmers are great for those cold evenings, use material that you have that is good at retaining heat. Those winter nights do not have to be cold anymore.

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