25 Awesome Garden DIY ideas

25 Awesome Garden DIY ideas 19

25 Awesome Garden DIY ideas 19

25 Awesome Garden DIY ideas

It is usually hard to find great low budget ideas without having to compromise on style or some sort of aspect of how you want your garden to be so we usually end up settling for less than we deserve, or better yet paying a lot more for something that we could have easily done ourselves. Below we want to give you some really cool garden DIY ideas that you can use in your home gardens that will really look and will cost you close to nothing to do. We hope you enjoy.

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Get a fresh layout

With garden stores offering so many convenient tools and prefab materials, anybody can redesign their garden layout in a matter of days. Changing the layout of your garden instantly adds new dimensions and structure to your garden, making it look a new and exciting place to discover. Simply planting a new elevated flowerbed or a hedge can add a layer of perspective to your garden. Other interesting summer garden trends for 2017 you can try is creating a rock garden or adding a fountain to add some serenity to your garden.

A splash of color

Going big on color is going to be the most defining summer garden trends for 2017. Planting bright flowers is the best way to splashes of color to your garden. Asters help to add soft hues of lavender and white to garden corners but you can also plant the Gloriosa Daisy or coreopsis for a bolder dash of golden yellow. The great thing about Gloriosa Daisy is that they can be grown in varying heights so help to add different levels of depth to your garden. Petunias make another excellent choice with their cool pink and purple shades grow in rich bunches and can perk up drab corners instantly.

Garden decor

Apart from planting flowers, you can use trendy garden furniture to decorate your garden. One of the summer garden trends for 2017 is to have garden furniture in eye-popping colors to add a dash of drama to the surrounding. Make the furniture the focal point of your garden and watch people get drawn towards it naturally. If you’re a DIY fan, you can refurbish old furniture by adding a fresh coat of paint. Designate a spot for your new furniture by setting up a patio or stone island in the middle of the garden.


Light up your garden

LED garden lights are among the top summer garden trends for 2017. With the evenings being cooler and the perfect time for an outdoor dinner, LED lights can really set up the mood while saving energy costs. The great thing about LED lights is that they come in a great variety of colors and can be set up in any part of the garden without much hassle. You can use LED lighting to set off different areas of the garden.


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