Creative DIY Garden Containers Ideas

Creative DIY Garden Containers Ideas 13

Creative DIY Garden Containers Ideas 13

Creative DIY Garden Containers Ideas

Sometimes we don’t really want a whole permanent structure in our garden and if we do get one we want it to be one that we can easily move around and relocate within the garden due to change of season or just when we simply want to give the place a facelift. Well the solution for this, we suggest using containers. A cheap and easy solution for every garden and containers actually give us the freedom to move about and change about the things as we might wish, we hope you enjoy the few suggestions we bring you below.

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1.This bird cage is as good as any, if we are talking about planters, easy to move around and not expensive to get too.

2.You could get your old cleaning buckets and nail them on to a tree this way and plant flowers or herbs there as you wish.

3.This repurposed tractor idea is great because it gives you a large area for your garden and helps you get rid of an old looking pile of junk in your yard.

4.You can also use your step ladder as a place to plant your flowers, they grow around it and turn out real nice.

5.Here is another brilliant idea for outdoor. An added bonus is that the watering means to your flowers will always be nearby.

6.Another great vintage idea of turning something old into something new and useful, this garden on wheels can be placed wherever your mood feels like.

7.This one would need a little more time to finish but gives a beautiful result. Wood boards can be used here, don’t forget to vanish for the water resistance.

8.Place an extra piece of fun to the outside if your tool shed to give it some added spunk.

9.Your old boots need not be thrown away. You could repurpose them and change them into planters this way and you could pick weather to place them down or hang them up.

10.Your old kitchen cups can be brought to good use instead of throwing them away. These things make for great small planters for both indoors around the house and out there.

11.You could get you some good pieces of wood and create yourself one of these welcome signs to your home with the added bonus of the flowers to give a more welcoming vibe to the place.

12.For this piece you could even get an old picture frame if you do not have the solid piece they have put on the back. Then simply get a nice flower pot to place in front of it to complete everything. You could add lights around the frame for the added bonus for the evening outdoor activities.

13.Another garden on wheels, I cannot seem to get enough of these because you could literally change them up in many ways, be it moving it around or painting it differently or even planting different flowers in it, it always gives  a new and nice element to your garden.