Creative and Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend

12. Simple Rose Bush

12. Simple Rose Bush

Creative and Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend

For you all who have no clue where to start from when buying your girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift, here are some valid and well thought of ideas from a girl who knows. These ideas will surely have your girlfriend feeling extra special and loved this coming Valentine’s Day. These gift ideas are quite creative and unique. You can make most of these on your own, adding value to the gift because they would be made from love.

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  • 5.Floating Candles

Maple Leaf Manson Jar Luminary

This is a beautiful fall décor. The crisp, warm colors are so inviting. It doesn’t take time to make one. Start by sketching and cutting the maple leaf design on adhesive vinyl. Apply to the Manson jar and paint the jar in three coats with the color you want, let each of the 3 coats to dry completely then peel away the vinyl leaf and get rid of any uneven ends. Include some corn kernels at the base and put the votive candle in. Finalize with some twine or ribbon around the top of the jar.

Evergreen Candle Holder

You could do with scissors, evergreen plants, spray adhesive and glasses on stems. I guarantee you that the result will be equally elegant and interesting as these simple glass containers and greenery go collectively flawlessly, casting fascinating, organic shade in the air.

Upside Glasses Candle Holder Centerpiece

The picture speaks it all.  It only takes inspiration and imagination to result to cute exceptional ideas like this.

Cinnamon Stick Candles

This is such an effortless craft that you will be able to do this project in less than twenty minutes! All you will call for are; rubber band, cinnamon and candle sticks, candles, and some ribbon. Position your rubber band round the candle followed by place your sticks below the rubber band. To add a notice, vary the height. When the entire candle is sheltered in sticks, wrap twine around rubber band in order to conceal it. Beautify it into any other way you want and you can call it a day. Enjoy the cinnamon sticks candle in your home.

Floating Candles

You need wide mouth mason jars, fresh cranberries and rosemary springs, teal light candles, ribbon and water. Start by placing a desired amount of rosemary springs into jar. Pour water into the jar to about 3/4 full. Put in preferred amount of cranberries and place a tea candle at the top. Embellish every jar with ribbon.

Epsom Salt Ornaments and Candles

If you are going to make these, here is what you will need. Styrofoam balls, Candle, Paint, Mod podge or glue and Epsom salt. Paint the balls. Place the rubber band about one third from the top of an old candle and paint the two thirds remaining. Remove the rubber after everything has dried. After that, skin them with glue then sprinkling Epsom salt on them. You may choose to tie up some silver elastic ribbon on the top of the candle like a decor finish.

Illuminating Holiday Jars

Who would have thought that a lowly canning jar could be arty? How? It is very simple; wash and dry jars and layer the bottom with the greenery of your preference then putting in a handful or two of cranberries. Add water into the jar, resulting to floating of cranberries at the top. Inset a floating candle.

Upside down Wine Glasses Candle Holder

An upside down wine glass set is wonderful for whichever celebration. You can load up with seasonal items and finalize with candles for pretty centerpiece.

Glittered Candle Holder

Birch Log Candle Holder

These are awesome candleholders and if you are handy enough, you can bang off a bunch of these puppies within no time. It is even easier if you get a brother or your sweet husband to do it for you. Then it is really easy craft.

12 Days of Christmas Candle

Have your candle numbered with special messages wrapped around for your 12 days of Christmas. More interesting and attractive.

Easy Teacup Christmas Candle

These awesome Christmas candles were effortlessly made out of two old simple teacups, glass paint, and two candles from the dollar store.

Fall Centerpiece with pine, Vase and Candle

Just a jar, pines and a candle effortlessly arranged in the basket is enough to transform your table.

Cranberry Floating Candle Jars

Perfect decor for the table setting. Regardless the delicious food and music in the house, the dinner table still has to be welcoming enough and candles can do. Plan it ahead with simple DIY ideas.

These few ideas will make perfect little details on your tables for dinner, holidays and romantic bedroom set up. They can also be a great idea for homemade gifts for the holiday. Nothing feels better than a gift made by your own hands, which implies time sacrifice. I believe you have at least loved few ideas which you will work on.


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