DIY Dried up Stream Beds

DIY Dried up Stream Beds 3

DIY Dried up Stream Beds 3

DIY Dried up Stream Beds

If you’d like to produce a dramatic statement in your garden, without the need of plenty of maintenance, a DIY dry creek bed could be the method to go. It provides your yard a natural really feel, without having obtaining to manage a genuine water feature. And they may be surprisingly simple to DIY, but nonetheless have a qualified seem to the completed project. They may be fantastic alternatives for an region that doesn?t drain effectively, has poor soil, or maybe has an easement. Several recommendations to remember? The creek or stream bed should really meander naturally, by no means in a straight line. Add larger boulders at turns within the creek bed for drama. Vary the size of your rock inside your creek bed. Anchor the ?banks? of the creek bed with plants. Choose rock that appears all-natural for the region.

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All changed when it was my daughter’s one year old birthday. My husband and I wanted it to be outdoors because we had many friends coming over. The magic we did with our open space brought us river of compliments. From that day I learned, warm gestures begin from how clean, organized and creative your house surrounding is. Creating an inviting outdoor space is fun. If you’re interested, please stay with me as I share some simple and cool garden projects with you.

Amazing DIY Bottle Lanterns

Of course, you’ll need light if you are planning on having an outdoor event. This bottle lanterns are simple to make and yet unique. It requires any beautiful empty bottle, some gas and old cloth that will burn the flames and bring life to your home.

DIY Skateboard Swing

Ever heard of such a thing? Well, try this project for your kids and I guarantee you that they will love it. You don’t need money for this, it is just an old skateboard you may find in your garage with some rope, do the tying and you’ll be good to go. It is a unique craft for outdoor games and that makes it awesome.

DIY Teepee Shade

If your kids love the idea of camping, this tepee will be perfect for them. It is made of a plant, designed in a cone shape. As you know, plants exhale oxygen during the day. There is no other safer shelter than that close to oxygen supply; especially for your kids.

Wooden Garden Bench

I love chatting with my friends near my garden with a coffee cup in the evenings. It is so peaceful there and at least, far from everyone. It is like a whole universe by itself. With this bench here, ooh stories always go down.

Flower Climbing Planter

This shocks almost everyone who visits my home, they always ask how did I do it? It is very simple friends, all you have to do is place rebar through the drainage hole of the clay pot, fill it with dirt about three quarters so you won’t lose dirt when watering them. Then add variety of flowers since it is spring, be colorful. Isn’t the result dramatic?

DIY Glass Lid Hanging Bird Bath

I am an animal person, I love seeing them around. This love drove me to make this for the birds to give them a place to bathe after all that eating.  They deserve a fancy care and this is what I could make effortlessly.

DIY Herb Stand

This is a brilliant idea for indoor gardens. It is made out of pallets which may be painted in whichever color you like. It is free standing with little sections for different kinds of herbs to help you organize your mini garden.

Fantastic Hanging Garden

Don’t let your backyard too boring for anyone to look at. This Hanging garden will leave people jealous of you. It is very stylish and fascinating, yet cheap. You will only need white gutters and their end caps, eye hooks, steel cables and rods.

Amazing Outdoor Succulent Bench

This is two functions in one; a planter and a bench. The combination is what makes it amazing. I got my inspiration from my friend living next door; her green lifestyle is just gorgeous.

Simple Ladder Garden Planter

You may know ladders as working tools but I am here to show you how its main function can be altered. This simple wooden ladder like planter will save your space and give you more room for plants to be cultivated.

DIY Tiered Herb Garden

And here is another space saver garden idea. You can have a collection of plants or flowers all in one place. Saves your energy too when watering them, you’ll inevitably have attention to all your plants.

Stylish Roped Pots

If you are tired of the same old clay pots that everyone has, here is a trick to bring a different look by adjusting one little detail. You can just wrap the pots with the ropes and paint them in the pattern you desire.

Repurposed Outdoor Mirrors

Do you throw old windows? No, don’t do that. See what an old window can do. Mirrors are wonderful decors because they reflect beauty in everything. The windows become the mirror frames which are then arranged in different heights for a pleasing view. It is a wonderful decoration for a vintage theme.

I hope you have found these ideas helpful. Pick a project and share the results with us.

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