Incredibly Creative Furniture Hacks

11. Shelf Cabinet to Creative Drawers

11. Shelf Cabinet to Creative Drawers

Incredibly Creative Furniture Hacks

Believe it or not, the furniture in a room is very important because furniture plays a major part in how a room looks. Whether you prefer a room with a lot of furniture or a room with a limited number of furniture pieces, it all comes down to the way the furniture looks, to make the room look great. Take a look at these amazing and very creative furniture hacks that you can try out for your furniture. With these furniture hacks, you get to see how you can turn your ordinary furniture into incredible and unique pieces of wood by just following a few simple steps.

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  • Change Your Side Table With Disused Wood DIY


2.İt so be exciting to be able to use reclaimed wood on the projects. The natured tones of wood are great a bring a whole new style to this side table

3.How do think ? those natural tones don’t look great and chic ?

4.You need a coat of spray primer and two coats of white spray .. let’s apply!!

5.Now you have to find some wood like these and cut it into 17 inch pieces.The size of the top of the side table.Laid them out to dry.

6.Glue each piece onto the top of the side table.

7.Sanding the wood with an electric hand sander and then gave it two coats of Semi-Gloss Sealer.

8.You have already a chic and clean side table for your sweet home.

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